How do you find sid of oracle 10g?

Brendon McClure asked a question: How do you find sid of oracle 10g?
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⚡️ How do i find oracle sid?

  2. Oracle_SID will show your SID.
  3. Oracle_Home will show the location of your DB Home.
  4. Oracle_BUNDLE_NAME will show the edition of your Oracle Database.
  5. Oracle_SVCUSER will show the windows user for your Oracle Database.

⚡️ How to find oracle apps password?

  • Find Oracle APPS User Password From Backend. Step 1. Create below package. This package is used to decrypt the user's password. Step 2. Query to get password for apps user. above query works only in 11i since Oracle removed ‘Guest User Password’ profile option from Release 12 so please use below query for R12. Step 3.

⚡️ How to find oracle client version?

  • The following are methods to check information about oracle client. Method 1 : When you logged in to oracle need to fire some queries. The first solution to check the version is to run the oracle system view which contains the version information of oracle. Following query is useful to check the oracle version.

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At a Linux prompt type env. Look for $ORACLE_SID. Or type echo $ORACLE_SID.

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How to find oracle database version in windows?

  • You can check Oracle version using SQL plus query. Oracle database could be running on Linux and windows and we can simply find out version information from v$version view from SQL Developer or SQL Plus command prompt. There are many ways to check database version. You can use anyone method to get the result.

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How to find profile options in oracle apps?

  • Profile: Enter the name of the profile option whose values you wish to display. You may search for profile options using character strings and the wildcard symbol (%). For example, to find all the profile options prefixed by "Concurrent:” you could enter "Conc%" and press the Find button.

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How to find the value of oracle home?

  • How do I find the value of ORACLE_HOME? Answer: There are several commands, some internal and some external to Oracle that will find your current ORACLE_HOME. Within Oracle SQL*Plus, the following SQL command script will display the value of your ORACLE_HOME: SQL > var OH varchar2 (200);

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How to find unused indexes in oracle 11g?

oracle text oracle 12c

When an index is not used by SQL queries with the cost-based optimizer, the unused indexes waste space and cause INSERT statements to run slower. When you issue the alter index <index_name> monitoring usage command, Oracle places an entry in the v$object_usage view so you can see if the index is used.

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What is unix command to find oracle version?

select * from v$version where banner like 'oracle%';

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Where can one find the oracle 10g documentation?

There are many companies and websites that offer the oracle 10g documentation. The best way to obtain the Oracle 10g documentation is through the official Oracle website.

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Where can online users find metalink oracle support?

Online users can find Metalink Oracle support from DOAG, as well as the main Oracle support community. These options allow a user to ask questions through a forum, and have answers given to them by technical support.

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Where can you find a comparison between oracle snapshot replication and oracle streams replication?

The process of creating and managing duplicate versions of a database. Replication not only copies a database but also synchronizes a set of replicas so that changes made to one replica are reflected in all the others. The beauty of replication is that it enables many users to work with their own local copy of a database but have the database updated as if they were working on a single, centralized database. For database applications where users are geographically widely distributed, replication is often the most efficient method of database access.

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How do i find my oracle username and password?

  1. Start SQL*Plus and log in as the SYS user, connecting as SYSDBA: $ sqlplus /nolog SQL> CONNECT SYS/SYS_password AS SYSDBA.
  2. Enter a command similar to the following, where account is the user account that you want to unlock and password is the new password:

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How to find cpu and memory usage in oracle?

  • With AWR, you can run this script to see RAM allocations on Oracle: Without AWR, this script will display CPU and RAM allocations for Oracle: The best on site " Oracle training classes " are just a phone call away! You can get personalized Oracle training by Donald Burleson, right at your shop!

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How to find free space in an oracle table?

  • Rem free_space.sql This is the next script, whixch show all free space within the tablespace: rem tsfree.sql - Shows all free space within tablespaces. Here is the report from this script. This report is useful for finding the largest sized chunk of free space within a tablespace. Click here for the complete Oracle script collection.

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How to find oracle username and password in sql?

  • Go to SQL command line:- type: If sysdba doesn't work then try connecting with username:scott and password: Tiger You will be able to see all users with passwords. Probably you might find your's. Hope this helps

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How to find sid of a job in oracle?

  • For long running jobs you can query the v$session_longops view and get the system ID (SID). This SID can then be used in a " alter system kill session " command. The landmark book "Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning The Definitive Reference" is filled with valuable information on Oracle SQL Tuning.

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How to find the database service name in oracle?

  • A database service name or Oracle system identifier (SID) The following CONNECT command uses a connect string that has a complete connect descriptor as the connect identifier instead of a net service name. The string should be entered on a single line.

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How to find the difference in hours in oracle?

  • In your example, you get 1 day, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds as the difference, so EXTRACT HOUR is returning zero, RXTRACT DAY would give 1... Working as expectec... In my example I would add the 48 hours (of the two days interval) with the 1 whole hour and (if needed) the rest of the factional hour informations....

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Where can i find an oracle database certificate program?

You can find an oracle database cirtification program from the website. There you will also find other educational resources for oracle.

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Where can one find oracle soa admin tutorials online?

You will get the oracle SOA admin tutorial on the Oracle website. check the following link:

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Where do i find all tab columns in oracle?

  • ALL_TAB_COLUMNS is a view in Oracle that contains the information about all columns in all table. We can just query with the table name in this view to get the column names and data types of a table in Oracle.

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Where do i find the deinstallation tool in oracle?

  • You can run the deinstallation tool using the setup.exe command with the -deinstall and -home options from the base directory of the Oracle Database, Oracle Database Client, or Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation media.

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Where do i find the service name in oracle?

  • service_name - The service_name is in the tnsnames.ora file to allow you to register an instance with the listener: sid_name - We find the sid_name values listed in the listener.ora file: global_name - If you are using global_names (global_names = TRUE), the global_name is the combination of the db_name and db_domain:

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Where to find jobs in oracle e-business suite?

  • Jobs can be submitted to start/stop various Oracle E-Business Suite components from the Administration dashboard. The details and statuses of these jobs can be tracked through standard Enterprise Manager Job screens.

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Where to find the oracle on time tangled island?

inside a temple

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