How to create one table to another table in mysql?

Abigayle VonRueden asked a question: How to create one table to another table in mysql?
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You can create one table from another by adding a SELECT statement at the end of the CREATE TABLE statement:

  1. CREATE TABLE new_tbl [AS] SELECT * FROM orig_tbl;
  2. mysql> CREATE TABLE bar (UNIQUE (n)) SELECT n FROM foo;


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⚡️ How do you retrieve data from one mysql table and create another mysql table with the same data in it using php?

Execute a SELECT INTO statement on the mysql database: INSERT INTO destination_table (id, first_name, last_name) SELECT id, first_name, last_name from source_table;

⚡️ Can i use mysql query to create table?

  • It is easy to create a MySQL table from the mysql> prompt. You will use the SQL command CREATE TABLE to create a table. NOTE − MySQL does not terminate a command until you give a semicolon (;) at the end of SQL command. To create new table in any existing database you would need to use PHP function mysql_query ().

⚡️ How do i create a table in mysql?

  • In order to create table in MySQL, Within the SCHEMAS, Expand the Database folder on which you want to create table. Right click on the Tables folder it will open the context menu. Once you select the Create Table… option, following window will be opened to design table.

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How to create table in mysql with id auto increment?

  • In MySQL database you can declare a column auto increment using the following syntax. CREATE TABLE table_name ( ID INT PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, column_name1 data_type1, column_name2 data_type2, column_name3 data_type3, column_name4 data_type4, ...........…........ ); MySQL query to create a table with auto-incremented column.

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How do you create a table and insert values in mysql?

First, you must specify the name of the table. After that, in parenthesis, you must specify the column name of the table, and columns must be separated by a comma. The values that you want to insert must be inside the parenthesis, and it must be followed by the VALUES clause.

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How do i select a database to create a table in mysql?

The table name must be specified as <DBName>. <TableName> to create a table in a specific database. This command assumes that the database name specified in the create table command does exist. If you do not specify the database name, then it returns the following error.

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How to fix a mysql table?

mysql workbench mysql table example

Repairing crashed tables with phpMyAdmin

  1. Log in to your SiteWorx account…
  2. On the left, select Hosting Features > MySQL > PhpMyAdmin.
  3. Select the correct database from the list on the left.
  4. Select the check box corresponding to the corrupted table, and from the With selected list, click Repair table.

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How to create connection in mysql?

Follow these steps:

  1. Launch MySQL Workbench.
  2. Click the “+” symbol in the “MySQL Connections” tab to add a new connection.
  3. Configure the connection as follows: ...
  4. Click “Test Connection” to test the connection.
  5. If the connection is successful, click “OK” to save the connection.

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How to create the mysql configuration?

  • click Configurations.
  • Click Create MySQL Configuration
  • select the required compartment…
  • Click Create to save the configuration…

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Can mysql table have 2 primary keys?

You can only have one primary key, but you can have multiple columns in your primary key. You can also have Unique Indexes on your table, which will work a bit like a primary key in that they will enforce unique values, and will speed up querying of those values. RB. A table can have multiple candidate keys.

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How do i alter table in mysql?

  • The MySQL Table Editor is a used to create and modify tables. You can add or modify the columns or indexes of a table, change the engine, add foreign keys, or alter the table name. To access the MySQL Table Editor, right-click a table name in the Navigator area of the sidebar with the Schemas secondary tab selected and click Alter Table.

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How do you replicate a mysql table?

I'm assuming you mean duplicate not replicate. Replicating refers to having the same data on multiple machines for either performance or backup issues. The following solution is for duplicating a table. I'm by no means a MySQL genius, but I've worked with MySQL for a while. If you have PHPMyAdmin installed, the easiest thing to do is go to your table, click Operations, fill in "copy table to..." If you don't have PHPMyAdmin, the easiest way I can think of is using mysqldump, editting the dump file, then importing the table: > mysqldump -p DatabaseNameToGetFrom TableName > SomeFileName.dump > pico/ee/edit/vi/emacs/YourFavoritePlainTextEditor SomeFileName.dump Use a find and replace on the old table name and change it to the new tablename, save it, exit the editor then run this command: > mysql -p -D DataBaseNameToPutInto < SomeFileName.dump That should do it fine. Another way is this command: create table NEW select * from OLD; Then use: show create table OLD; alter table NEW add primary key (this,that); Then add other keys as necessary;

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How to display table in mysql database?

Show MySQL Tables

To get a list of the tables in a MySQL database, use the mysql client tool to connect to the MySQL server and run the SHOW TABLES command. The optional FULL modifier will show the table type as a second output column.

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How to make table in mysql database?

  • To create a table in a database using mysql prompt, first select a database using ‘USE ’. Consider a database “studentsDB” in MySQL, in which we shall create a table called students with properties (columns) – Name and Roll Number. CREATE TABLE students (name VARCHAR (50), rollno INT);

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How to see existing table in mysql?

mysql workbench how to create table in mysql

Show MySQL Tables

To get a list of the tables in a MySQL database, use the mysql client tool to connect to the MySQL server and run the SHOW TABLES command. The optional FULL modifier will show the table type as a second output column.

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How to update a mysql join table?

mysql left outer join mysql workbench


  1. First, specify the main table ( T1 ) and the table that you want the main table to join to ( T2 ) after the UPDATE clause…
  2. Next, specify a kind of join you want to use i.e., either INNER JOIN or LEFT JOIN and a join predicate.

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How do i create a database table?

  1. Click File > Open, and click the database if it is listed under Recent. If not, select one of the browse options to locate the database.
  2. In the Open dialog box, select the database that you want to open, and then click Open.
  3. On the Create tab, in the Tables group, click Table.

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How to create database table through xampp?

xampp database database phpmyadmin

Create Database on XAMPP phpMyAdmin

And click on the Database tab. Now you should see the option to Create a Database and input field to enter the database name. Write the database name and hit the 'Create' button. You will see a success message in a while.

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How to create dummy table in oracle?

dual table in oracle how to create table in mysql


  1. First, specify the table name and schema name to which the new table belongs on the CREATE TABLE clause.
  2. Second, list all columns of the table within the parentheses…
  3. Third, add table constraints if applicable e.g., primary key, foreign key, check.

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How to create employee table in oracle?

  • The Oracle CREATE TABLE statement for the customers table is: Based on the departments table below, create an Oracle table called employees that stores employee number, employee name, department, and salary information. The primary key for the employees table should be the employee number.

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How to create table in oracle 12c?

  • To create an index-organized table, use the ORGANIZATION INDEX clause of the CREATE TABLE command, as shown in the following example: To create TROUBLE as an index-organized table, you must create a PRIMARY KEY constraint on it.

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Can i create stored procedures in mysql?

  • For example, in MySQL Workbench , you can create a new stored procedure as follows: First, right-click on the Routines and choose the Create Procedure… menu item. Next, enter the stored procedure code and click the Apply button. Then, you can review the code before MySQL stores it in the database.

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How do i create a mysql connection?

  • Open MySQL Workbench. Click New Connection towards the bottom left of MySQL Workbench. In the "Set up a New Connection Dialogue" box, Type your Database connection credentials. The credentials will be like the following: Connection Name: You can name this whatever you like. Connection Method: Standard (TCP/IP).

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