How to open or close different periods in oracle apps r12?

Katlynn Dooley asked a question: How to open or close different periods in oracle apps r12?
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  • How To Open Inventory Period In Oracle Apps R12 1. Navigate to followin gpath: Inventory SuperUser->Accounting Close Cycle->Inventory Accounting Periods and select the... 2. Select the period to be opened and click on "Change Status" button as shown in the following screenshot:


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⚡️ What is oracle apps (erp)?

  • What is Oracle Apps (ERP)? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning . A product of Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. As the name suggests Enterprise Resource Planning. Enterprise means a firm/organization. Resource means available source of wealth in firm and Planning means how you can maintain day to day resource.

⚡️ Difference between oracle dba and oracle apps dba?

Oracle dba is the person administering the oracle database, and where as oracle application dba is resposible for managinf the middle ware (application Server) as well as oracle database. oracle dba will not look into middle ware.

⚡️ What is oracle dba and oracle apps dba?

  • The job duties of an Oracle Apps DBA include managing the application server software and managing the application layer, while the duties of a regular Oracle DBA include managing the database layer. See here for more on how to become an Oracle Apps DBA as opposed to Oracle DBA job duties.

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What is securing attributes in oracle apps?

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Securing attributes are used by Oracle Self-Service Web Applications to allow rows (records) of data to be visible to specified users or responsibilities based on the specific data (attribute values) contained in the row. You may assign one or more values for any of the securing attributes assigned to the user.

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What is user in oracle apps r12?

User Account in Oracle Apps. To access forms/reports or perform any activity in Oracle E-business suite, one must be setup as a user. User account can be created by someone who has access to System Administrator responsibility.

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How to cancel internal requisition in oracle apps?

oracle iprocurement oracle purchasing options

If you cancel an internal sales order or backorder that was generated by an internal requisition, you get a warning message that the order line is related to a requisition line that is now awaiting cancellation. You can then use the Control Document window to cancel the requisition line.

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How to find profile options in oracle apps?

  • Profile: Enter the name of the profile option whose values you wish to display. You may search for profile options using character strings and the wildcard symbol (%). For example, to find all the profile options prefixed by "Concurrent:” you could enter "Conc%" and press the Find button.

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How to get rma number in oracle apps?

  • To enter basic RMA information: 1. Navigate to the RMA Receipt window. 2. Enter the date and time of entry for the transaction. The date you can enter is controlled by the INV:Transaction Date Validationprofile option. See: Oracle Inventory Profile Options. 3. Enter the RMA number for the material to receive.

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How to setup org id in oracle apps?

How to set org context in Oracle apps R12 and 11i

  1. The SQL command to set the ORG _ID prior to running a script is: SQL> exec mo_global. init('AR'); exec mo_global. set_policy_context('S','&org_id');
  2. Enter the org_id when prompted.

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What is the organization structure in oracle apps?

  • It may correspond to an entire enterprise or to a major grouping such as a subsidiary or operating division. For a fresh installation, Oracle Applications provides a predefined business group, Setup Business Group. We can setup additional Business groups as required for the defined Organization Structure.

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How to compile oracle apps 11i and r12 forms?

  • The next step which requires user interaction is the main menu: 1. Generate Applications Files menu 2. Maintain Applications Files menu 3. Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu 4. Maintain Applications Database Entities menu 5. Change Maintenance Mode 6. Exit AD Administration 1. Generate message files 2. Generate form files 3.

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How to define ship confirm rule in oracle apps?

oracle fusion

Defining a Ship Confirm Rule

  1. Navigate to the Ship Confirm Rules window.
  2. Enter a unique rule name in the Ship Confirm Rule field.
  3. Optionally, select an Effective date…
  4. Within the Ship Options region, select one of the following options from the Action list of values:

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How to enable about this page in oracle apps?

  • Enabling About This Page Link in Oracle Apps R12. If You need to Enable About This Page Link in Oracle Apps, you need to set the following Profile Options from System Administrator Responsibility. Personalize Self-Service Defn = YES; FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled = YES; Disable Self-Service Personal = NO (Only at Site) FND: Diagnostics = Yes

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What is a set of books in oracle apps?

  • A set of books identifies a company or fund within Oracle Applications that shares a common chart of accounts structure, calendar, and functional currency.

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What is payment process profile in oracle apps r12?

  • R12 PPR process enables payment Administrator to select multiple invoices for payment by selection criteria and he can pause the invoice selection and payment build process.

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How do i cancel a purchase requisition in oracle apps?

  1. Click OK to open the Caution form.
  2. Click OK to open the Note form.
  3. Click OK to return to the Requisition Headers Summary form.

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When does an accounting period close in oracle?

  • In Oracle General Ledger, an accounting period is closed after all the accounting transactions have been completed for the period. It is used to control journal entry and journal posting from sub ledger as well as GL.

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What is the difference between oracle apps technical and functional consultant?

At a very high level Oracle Apps Functional Consultant -> One who understands business flows/processes and ways to do setup/tweak in oracle application to suite business needs. Oracle Apps Technical Consultant -> One who understands the oracle application architecture and table-relations etc.

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How do i close an inactive session in oracle?

Automatic disconnection of all IDLE sessions can be achieved by using the resource parameter IDLE_TIME in a user profile. IDLE_TIME Specify the permitted periods of continuous inactive time during a session, expressed in minutes. Long-running queries and other operations are not subject to this limit.

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How to close an sr in oracle service requests?

  • To close an SR in the Service Requests, Contact Us Service Requests, or End Customer Service Requests regions, click the SR link, click Close SR, select a reason for closing from the list, enter information in the Update Detail box, then click Post Update.

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Are oracle of ages and seasons different games?

  • Although the two are built on the same game engine, Oracle of Ages concentrates on puzzles, while Oracle of Seasons focuses on action. Each is a complete game capable of interacting with the other, via passwords or a Game Link Cable.

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Is oracle sql very different from sql server?

  • Oracle supports star query optimization while SQL server doesn’t offer query optimization. In oracle, values do not change before commit whereas in SQL Server values are changed even before commit. Oracle allows rollback during the transaction process whereas SQL server doesn’t allow rollback in the transaction process.

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What are the different types of oracle assets?

  • EBS’s Oracle Assets allows for the use of multiple asset registers, or asset books, and different types of book. In typical business scenario and to address the need to be able to hold asset in global and local book books to meet tax regulation, corporate book and tax book will be set up.

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How to open and close mysql connection in php?

PHP: mysql_close - Manual › manual › en

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How to check open cursor limit in oracle?

  • To check the open_cursors setting for your database (you will need DBA privilege): SELECT value FROM v$parameter WHERE name = 'open_cursors'; The setting can be updated by using the ALTER SYSTEM command. alter system set open_cursors = 3000;

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Who is the ceo of oracle open world?

Larry Ellison is the CEO of Oracle Corporation, the company that runs Oracle Open World. He founded Oracle in the 1970's and has continued to head the corporation until today.

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What are the different types of backup in oracle?

  • An operating system utility.

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What are the different types of auditing present in oracle?

  • Auditing Types and Records.
  • Statement Auditing.
  • Privilege Auditing.
  • Schema Object Auditing.
  • Fine-Grained Auditing.
  • Focusing Statement, Privilege, and Schema Object Auditing.
  • Auditing in a Multitier Environment. See Also:

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