How to set sysdba password in oracle 11g stack overflow?

Elise Frami asked a question: How to set sysdba password in oracle 11g stack overflow?
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  • I have used the same password that I had set while creating database and setting password for sys and sysdba. But it shows below error : How to connect to the database? I have installed Oracle DB in local PC with Windows 10 as Operating System and administrator privileges.


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  • Other option is in SQL*Plus to use SET AUTOTRACE TRACEONLY which should run all the query but suppress the printing of the results. In SQL*Plus you can also use the simple TIMING option: SQL> SET TIMING ON SQL> SELECT bla FROM bla..… Elapsed: 00:00:00:01 SQL> SELECT bar FROM foo..…

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  • Have Redis setup with ruby on ubuntu server, but can't figure out how to access its log file. Tutorial says it should be here: This outputs the last 100 lines of the file. The log file may not always be shown using the above. In that case use

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  • 1 First login as postgres user: sudo su - postgres 2 connect to the required db: psql -d databaseName 3 \\dt would return the list of all table in the database you're connected to.

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How to reset username and password in oracle 11g?

  • 1. Open command prompt. 2. connect to SQLPLUS as sysdba. Got username from dba_users table as mentioned below. Now run following command to reset your username password. Here sysman is username and mann is password. Here we reset sysman password to mann.

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What is a password for zelda oracle of seasons?

A password of Zelda Oracle of seasons is W[>]Y([<]hjyMNnY8[<]w7$:F4. This password creates a Labrynna Secret game which will be able to be played with Dimitri as an animal friend.

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What is the username and password for oracle 9i?

You need to ask the DBA (Database Administrator) for that information.

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How to disable case-sensitive password feature in oracle 12c?

database 11g oracle 11g

Enable and disable Case Sensitive password in Oracle

  1. Disable the Case Sensitive Password in Oracle. ALTER SYSTEM SET SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON=FALSE SCOPE=BOTH;
  2. Enable the Case Sensitive Password in Oracle. ALTER SYSTEM SET SEC_CASE_SENSITIVE_LOGON=TRUE SCOPE=BOTH;
  3. Example.

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How to know username and password of oracle 10g ex?

  • Actually, I forgot my username and password of Oracle 10g Ex. Are there any way to find them? Log into the database server as a user belonging to ‘dba’ [unix ] or ‘ora_dba’ [windows ] group , typically ‘oracle’, or an administrator on your windows machine.

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How to reset the password for the oracle database user?

  • Reset the OCSREMDW password by entering the original password that was specified during original database installation. SQL> alter user ocsremdw identified by ; User altered. Logout as the Oracle system administrator (sysdba). Connect to OCSDMDW database as the OCSREMDW user to ensure that the database is operational.

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What is the default username and password in oracle 10g?

Username: Whatever user you have created or SYS or SYSTEM if you have not created a user yet. Password: The password for your user or the default password you entered for SYS and SYSTEM. Hostname: 127.0. 0.1 his is only the hostname if your are running SQL Developer on the same machine where your XE is installed.

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What is elasticsearch and elastic stack?

  • Elastic Stack is a group of products that can reliably and securely take data from any source, in any format, then search, analyze, and visualize it in real-time. Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine that can address a huge number of use cases.

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How can i change mysql root password without current password?

  1. Log in to your account using SSH…
  2. Stop the MySQL server using the appropriate command for your Linux distribution: ...
  3. Restart the MySQL server with the —skip-grant-tables option…
  4. Log into MySQL using the following command: ...
  5. At the mysql> prompt, reset the password.

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Is mysql password secure?

When you connect to a MySQL server, you should use a password. The password is not transmitted as cleartext over the connection. Password handling during the client connection sequence was upgraded in MySQL 4.1. 1 to be very secure.

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Is mysql password function safe?

mariadb root mysql workbench

Using the Password() function to encrypt passwords is a whole lot better than nothing, but you can use stronger encryption if your data requires it. The MySQL docs explicitly state that Password() should only be used to manage passwords for MySQL accounts and that you should not use it in your own applications.

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What is mysql user password?

  • Definition of MySQL User Password MySQL User Password command in MySQL is responsible to modify the user password by applying several query statements like SET PASSWORD, ALTER USER, GRANT USAGE, and UPDATE.

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How do i change mysql password?

  1. Open the bash shell and connect to the server as root user: mysql -u root -h localhost -p.
  2. Run ALERT mysql command: ALTER USER 'userName'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'New-Password-Here';
  3. Finally type SQL command to reload the grant tables in the mysql database: FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

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How to change sql database password?

oracle sql developer oracle

Option 1: Change SQL Server Password in Management Studio

  1. Login into SQL Server using Windows Authentication.
  2. In Object Explorer, open Security folder, open Logins folder. Right click on SA account and go to Properties.
  3. Change SA password, and confirm it. Click OK.

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How to decode password in mysql?

  • To decrypt a password previously encypted with the ENCODE function use the DECODE (crypt_str,pass_str) function: mysql> SELECT DECODE(`pswd`, 'secret') AS `pswd` FROM `users` WHERE `email` = '[email protected]'; +-----------+ | pswd | +-----------+ | pass123 | +-----------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec)

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What is the default mysql password?

  • The default password for MySQL under MAMP is username: root, password: root. Apparently the default password in a plain vanilla install is username: root, password: "" (empty).

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How can i change mongodb admin password?

  1. Log on to the ESA host that runs the ESA service: SSH to the ESA host. Log on as root.
  2. Log on to MongoDB as admin. The default password is netwitness. mongo admin -u admin -p <current_password>
  3. To change the admin account password, type. db.changeUserPassword('admin','<new_password>')​

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How do i reset mysql's root password?

  • How To Reset Your MySQL or MariaDB Root Password Identifying the Database Version. Most modern Linux distributions ship with either MySQL or MariaDB, a popular drop-in replacement which is fully compatible with MySQL. Stopping the Database Server. To change the root password, you have to shut down the database server beforehand… Restarting the Database Server Without Permission Checking… More items...

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How set mysql root password when installing?

  1. Connect to the server as root using no password: shell> mysql -u root --skip-password.
  2. Assign a password: mysql> ALTER USER 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'root-password';

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How to change mysql password in wamp?

WAMP Server – MySQL – Resetting the Root Password (Windows)

  1. Enter password: LEAVE BLANK AND HIT ENTER.
  2. mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('MyNewPass') WHERE User='root'; ENTER Query OK.
  3. mysql>FLUSH PRIVILEGES; ENTER mysql>quit ENTER mysql>bye.

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How to find access database password online?

  • Click Start button to recover Access Database password. When all the settings have been made, click "Start" button to let access password recovery begin. Until a password appears following a new window, it means access password recovery has been completed. Save Access Database password or copy it to open Access Database.

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How to reset ms access database password?

How to Change/Reset MS Access Database Password

  1. Click on File > Open > Browse.
  2. Select your Access database, click on the drop-down arrow next to Open, select "Open Exclusive"…
  3. Click on File > Info > Decrypt Database.
  4. Enter the protected password on the text box, and click on OK to unset your Access database password.

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What is default password for mysql workbench?

  • What is default password for MySQL? In MySQL, by default, the username is root and there's no password. If during the installation process, you accidentally put a password in and don't remember, here is how to reset the password: Stop the MySQL server if it is running, then restart it with the –skip-grant-tables option.

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What is my mongodb username and password?

4 Answers. By default mongodb has no enabled access control, so there is no default user or password. To enable access control, use either the command line option --auth or security. authorization configuration file setting.

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